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• Water flushes through the shaft and helps remove deposits from tube, flow rate regulated as needed

• "Hands Free" controls provided via a foot switch

• Stainless steel cover for use in the harshest environments

• Shafts, bits, & brushes quickly & easily replaced

• Large wheels for easy transportation

• Water consumption can be regulated as needed


Electric Tube Cleaners are compact, powerful, reliable, and easily maneuverable units used to clean straight and curved tubes in heat exchangers, condensers, or boilers. They work by attaching a cleaning tool, such as a brush or boring bit onto a flexible shaft. The motor spins the shaft which is enclosed in a non-rotating casing. If needed water is connected to the cleaner and passes through the flexible shaft to flush out deposits from the tube. All Cleaners are supplied with a foot switch for control.


Following models are available:

MODEL FSC-4 Chiller Tube Cleaning System - Most commonly used for cleaning up to 5/8" I.D. tubes of chiller units such as Trane, Blue Star, Thermax, Carrier, York and others. 1/2 HP motor @ 890 RPM.

MODEL FSC-5 Chiller Tube Cleaning System - Similar to the FSC-4 but has a more powerful 3/4 HP motor @ 890 RPM for removing tougher deposits and comes standard with a dual direction foot switch.

MODEL FSC-4X Tube Cleaning System - A Heavy Duty system for tube ODís 1' and larger. This unit is provided with a powerful 1 HP motor @ 1780 RPM.

MODEL FSC-4X-2A Tube Cleaning System - Our Heaviest Duty system for the toughest jobs for 1" and larger tubes. This unit is provided with a workhorse 2 HP motor @ 1780 RPM.




Each Kit is provided with the following:

• 1 ea - Tube Cleaner

• 1 ea - Foot Control Switch

• 2 ea - Flexible Shafts

• 20 ea - Nylon Brushes of your size choice

• 2 ea - Buffing Tools of your size choice

• 1 ea - Flexible Shaft repair kit





Each Kit is provided with the following:

• 1 ea - Cleaning Gun

• 1 ea - Storage Case

• 2 ea - 10' hoses for air and water connections

• 1 ea - Drive Coupling

• 1 ea - Arrow drill & Brush of your size choice


The Tube Cleaning Gun turns a special brush or drill coupled to a hollow rigid shaft while supplying a stream of water to flush out deposits and increase drilling speed. The water flow is adjustable as needed.


Moderately plugged tubes can be cleaned with our Metal or Nylon brushes. Severely plugged tubes are first drilled out using either an Arrow or Carbide tip drill then followed up with a brush to remove the remaining deposits and "Polish" the tube. The hollow shaft extension tubes can be provided in 2' length increments up to 8', extensions are added to provide the total length needed. Adding extensions is fast and easy.














The Fast Shot Tube Cleaning Gun uses a combination of water and air pressure to propel a brush, or a fiber or plastic scrubber through the tube for the purpose of cleaning it. The Brush or Scrubber is inserted into the tubes to be cleaned, the nozzle of the Gun is inserted into the tubes and a single trigger operates both water and air simultaneously. The water valve is set to operate slightly ahead of the air valve. This produces a quantity of water in and around the brush prior to the full blast of air and water which propels it the entire length of the tube. Due to the design of the nozzle, air and water is forced through the tube in the form of a whirling spray. Various air and water pressure combinations may be selected to suit the application of the gun.

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