Continuous Tube Pullers and Runner Tube Pulling Systems
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Continuous Tube Pullers & Runner Tube Pulling Systems

Quick, powerful & heavy duty tube pullers operate with a max force of 45 tons!

Rhino Sr. Continuous Jenny Tube Puller

Rhino Sr. Continuous Jenny Tube Puller

An Economical alternative to other senior runner pullers, while smaller and slower, this jenny puller still pulls at a whopping 30 tons.

This tube puller has one set of jaws that grip the spear and the tube, and generates 6" of stroke with 30 tons of force.

This equipment will work with spears from the Rhino Sr. Runner Tube Pulling System

You can add the following accessories to any order or purchase standalone:

Spears, rear jaw sets, collars or a spring balancer for weightless support of the puller.

These items will replace and interchange with the "Tube Tugger" or "Super Jenny" pullers from other companies!

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Rhino Sr. Runner Tube Pulling System

Rhino Sr. Runner Tube Pulling System

Rhino Sr. Runner Tube Pulling System

Finally, a Great Solution for those hard Field or Shop re-tubes. Simply screw the mandrel into the tube and the puller does the rest. Quick & Powerful 2 speed Pump provides continuous, Heavy Duty pulling speed at up to a whopping 28 feet/minute, with a maximum pulling force of an incredible 45 tons!

The pullers are mounted on wheels for easy maneuvering and are made of all stainless steel construction, and can be either Electric, Electro-Pneumatic or All Pneumatic power driven.

All units provided with 15' of Hydraulic hose.

Rhino Sr. Tube Puller Chart

Rhino Sr. Runner Pulling Guns

Rhino Sr. Runner Pulling Guns

Rhino Sr. Runner Pulling Guns

Rhino Sr. Pulling Guns come in 3 models, HPG-15, HPG-30 and HPG-45.

The HPG-15 tube puller is ideally suited for high speed, light duty condenser work. It has a pulling capacity of 15 tons, weighs just 57 lbs, and pulls up to 27.6 feet per minute.

Working on heavy duty heat exchanger work or light boiler work? The HPG-30 tube puller is designed for you! At 84 lbs, it's still manageable, but we highly recommend pairing this tube pulling system with our spring balancer for optimal effectiveness. This unit can generate 30 tons of pulling capacity and pull at 12.1 feet per second with the TPP-75 power pack.

When you've got a seriously heavy duty pulling job, you need the HPG-45 tube puller. Generating more than 45 tons of pulling capacity, working up to 3" max tube O.D. and pulling at 8.9 feet per minute, this tube puller is truly in a class of it's own. Due to it's 172 lb weight, we strongly suggest using with a spring balancer for weightless support.

All Rhino Sr. Runner consumables will replace & interchange with the "Tuberunner" or "Maus" pullers.

Rhino Sr. Runner Chart

Rhino Sr. Runner Accessories

Rhino Sr. Runner Accessories

PM = Spears      PJ = Front & Rear Jaw Sets      PC = Nose Piece      SEW = Spring Balancer (for supporting the pulling gun)

Impact Wrench and PS Socket Charts

Rhino Sr. Working Consumables for Continuous Tube Pullers

Rhino Sr. Working Consumables Chart for Continuous Tube Pullers

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