USA Industries supplies tube expanders for many applications including heat exchangers, fin-fans®, condensers, chillers, boilers, and other industrial applications. Tube expanders and rolling motors are the perfect pair for your tube rolling job.

Our expanders are designed for HVAC pressure vessel tube installation or retubing in a wide range of sizes. Our expanders help you roll tubes in difficult to reach areas as well as in short bends, U-turns, copper, brass, aluminum, or thin steel tubing.

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Tube Expanders

800 Series 3-Roll & 5-Roll Expanders

The 800 series tube expander comes in both 3-Roll and 5-Roll models. The 800 series 3-roll expander is the most economical tool for expanding tubes, and the most popular tube expander worldwide.

800 series 5-roll expanders are ideally suited to expand thin-wall titanium, stainless steel, incoloy and other exotic metals.

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900, 1300, & AN Series Tube Expanders

The 900 series, 1300 series and AN series tube expanders are used to expand small-diameter tubes in oil coolers, radiators, and other apparatuses with small diameter tubes.

These tube expanders work quickly and are ideal for high-production environments. The Captive Mandrel eliminates potential scratching of tube ID.

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1200 Series 3-Roll & 5-Roll Expanders

Series 1200 3-roll expanders are the most versatile tube expanders for thick tubesheets, available in 4 different lengths to best suit your needs and in lengths up to 60" and longer.

5-roll expanders give a more concentric and even expansion when expanding thin wall tubes vs. conventional 3-roll expander.

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114, AL & Combination Beading Expanders

Our 114 series compact tube expander is ideal for expanding and flaring boiler tubes through small hand holes, headers, etc. The combination beading expander allows expansion and beading at one time!

AL series tube expanders enlarge tubes so another tube may be inserted and soldered for a leak-resistant joint.

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8012 Series Tube Expanders

The 8012 series tube expander is a great choice for larger diameter tubes and thick tubesheets in air-cooled heat exchangers, fin-fans®, boilers and refinery tubes.

Contact us 24/7 to see which tube expander is the right choice for your next project. In-stock heat exchanger tools ship same day!

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A, AB, AF3, & ABF3 Series Tube Expanders

Our series A tube expanders are equivalent to Series 40 elliot expanders. These straight boiler expanders are highly recommended for re-rolling leak tube joints in boilers.

Series A expanders are self-feeding and can be powered by one of our tube rolling motors for fast tube rolling or by hand.

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FIN-FAN is a Registered Trademark of Hudson Products Corporation

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USA Industries is driven by our need to service the customer faster and better than anyone else in the market. If saving days or even weeks in the process of getting the product you need is important, think USA Industries! Available 24/7 to actively fill your orders.

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