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EZ Lock Blind Rack®
(Patent No. 9,546,889)

The Industry Leader in Isolation and Hydrotest Blind Storage

Product Features

• Discounts available by ordering fully stocked
• Store up to 12,000 lbs / 884 blinds*
• Lockable rack can reduce theft and blind loss

Product Description

We are proud to introduce our EZ Lock Blind Rack® [1]. This revolutionary blind storage solution allows users to store blinds up to 24-1/4" OD, or 884 individual blinds weighing up to 12,000 lbs on a single blind rack.

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Storage, transportation and minimizing loss of a large number of blinds has always been a difficult task. As the industry leader for purchasing or renting industrial isolation and hydrotest blinds, we are far too familiar with the hassles of large blind inventory. Our goal with the EZ Lock Blind Rack is to prevent common issues before they arise!

Easy and safe transportation is extremely important when dealing with a blind rack that could weigh as much as 13,000 lbs. Our lockable blind rack limits movement of blinds while locked, and we have built in key features for users to utilize lifting lugs and forklift skids when moving them. The proprietary auto lock mechanisim holds the door open when accessing your blinds, preventing injury from accidental closure.

Other lockable blind racks have unmovable stops at preset spacing, making it cumbersome to fully load the rack. These unmovable stops also take up valuable space so fewer blinds can be securely stored in place! Our patented key indexing design sizes down to just the inventory you have on your blind rack. When successfully managed, you can reduce your blind loss and theft on the job site.

[1] Tracy Sue & Casey Sue, “Lock rack for hydro, isolation or test blinds ,” U.S. Patent 9 546 889, January 17, 2017.

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Product Specs

Empty Weight 1,050 lbs
Max Capacity: 12,000 lbs / 884 blinds*
Max Blind Size 24-1/4 OD"
Blind Types: "7" or "T" handles
Height: 80"
Width: 77"
Depth: 49"
Useable Storage
Arm Length:
# of Arms (Top): 9
# of Arms (Bottom): 7
Forklift Accessible Yes
Lifting Lugs Yes
Rental Available Yes
* = 884 blinds is dependent on blind sizes

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