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Paddle Blind - Isolation & Hydrotest Thicknesses

The Largest Inventory of Blinds Available for Rental or Sale

What is a Paddle Blind?

'T Handle' #300 Hydrotest Blind in Stainless Steel '7 Handle' Hydrotest Blind Standard blind handles include 'T', '7' and 'Straight' handles Installed 'T Handle' #150 Hydrotest Paddle Blind

Paddle Blinds stop the flow of liquids or gases between two flanges (with a gasket on each side) during maintenance. It's common to replace your blind with a Spacer Blind when the line is open.

Product Features

In-stock blinds ship within 24 hours
Available in Isolation, ASME Rated or Custom
Line sizes up to 96"
Any thickness, rating or alloy
Easily identifiable coloring, markings and handles

Product Description

Our massive inventory of isolation and hydrotest paddle blinds (also known as pancake, spade, skillet, slip, spec, and test blinds, and blanks) are available for both rental and sale and are ready to ship 24/7-365 days of the year, including nights, weekends and holidays, by our staff of dedicated team members.

In a hurry? With our team of engineers and factory staff on hand 24/7-365 days of the year to ship existing inventory or manufacture new parts, we lead the industry in time from order to delivery, helping meet your needs quicker than any of our competitors.

We're constantly reinventing the piping isolation blind game with innovative new solutions, enhanced product offerings and our commitment to continually increase the quality and durability of every blind we produce. We take pride in the quality of our the paddle blind, hydrotest blind, and isolation blind that we manufacture. Every paddle blind we ship, whether for rental or purchase, is ground to a smooth edge finish, stamped, freshly painted and color coded for easy identification. Blinds are available with raised face dimensions (per ASME specs), mill or serrated finish (125 / 250 RMS typical), as well as ring type joint (RTJ), oval or octagonal, and male or female configurations. Our huge inventory of blinds consists of 516 - Gr70 Spec Carbon Steel material made to ASME B16.47 & B16.48/ANSI B16.5 & B16.2 standards.

If you're not familiar with our Patented EZ Lock Blind Rack or our custom solution blinds (EZ Vent-Purge, EZ Vent, EZ Purge, and EZ Guillotine Blinds) visit our related products section below to see which solutions could be saving you time and money!

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Blind Dimensions
& Thickness Chart

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Product Specs

Select Blind Type (isolation or rated) and Rating to see paddle blind dimensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We ARE the manufacturer, not a reseller, and we have been providing slip blinds to the industry since 1982. Our blinds are not just "cut and shipped metal", they are provided as a finished product... We send every blind we manufacture out with perfect symmetry, clean edges, fresh paint, marked or stamped (for easy identification with the line size and flange rating), and with color coded handles for quick identification of the flange rating from a distance.

Additionally, though others might claim this, USA Industries has the largest stock available for immediate delivery along with immediate in-house production.

Most requests are for 5/16" thickness, although 1/4" or 3/8" are also very common. We stock more 5/16" but we can fill your order in any required thickness.

Our standard handles include:
'T-Handles', '7 Handles', and 'Straight Handles'. We can also make custom handles for you.

Absolutely, we can customize your blind in almost any way you need, just let the sales representative know when you place your order.

We stock our isolation and hydrotest blinds with a mill finish and offer a 125/250 RMS serrated finish as a standard option, but we can manufacture to your exact request/needs!
The term "paddle blind" is generic term and does not imply thickness or purpose of the blind (isolation or testing).

A "hydroblind", also often referred to as a "spec blind" or "hydrotest blind", is designed to handle the maximum pressure a pipe would be subjected to for testing purposes per ASME specifications.

Depending on the company, some use only hydroblinds for isolation Or testing as they consider this a safer way to operate. This way they know it will hold up if latent pressure builds up in the line. The hydroblind will not fail in this situation, where a thin isolation blind could if the pressure raises high enough.

This is dependent on the flange's AMSE rating. Sizes and thickness are manufactured to the ASME 16.48, API 590, ASME 16.5 specifications and will hold the pressure that the spec calls for.

Some other names we've heard a paddle blind referred to are: skillet blind, pancake blind, slip blind, test blind, hydroblind, hydrotest blind, spec blind, isolation blind, blank, and stop blind.

Did we miss one? Let us know and we'll add it to the list!

Of course! We regularly manufacture blinds out of more than 20 different materials, and we can make them out of practically any material at your request.

We use the handle colors as a quick way of identifying the flange rating for our blinds from a distance.
  • 150#: Red
  • 900#: Green
  • 300#: Blue
  • 1500#: White
  • 600#: Yellow
  • 2500#: Orange

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