Paddle Blinds & Blind Flanges in Isolation / Hydrotest thickness
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When it comes to blinds and other piping isolation and testing products, we're constantly bringing new and innovative solutions to the market. Every day, we push to continually increase the quality and durability of every product we produce. If you're not familiar with our Patented EZ Lock Blind Rack® or custom solution blinds (EZ Vent®, EZ Purge®, EZ Vent-Purge™, and EZ Guillotine™) see how they can help you during your next project today!

In a hurry? With over 1 million pounds of isolation / hydrotest blinds and blind flanges always in stock and a team of engineers and factory staff on hand 24/7 to manufacture new parts, USA Industries can help meet your needs quicker than any of our competitors.

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Industrial Blind Solutions

Isolation & Hydrotest Paddle Blinds

The largest paddle blind manufacturer in both isolation and hydrotest thicknesses.

We maintain more than 1 Million pounds of blinds in stock and ready to ship 24/7!

Product Details

Spectacle Blinds

A single piece of machined metal designed to eliminate the hassle of having seperate paddle blind and spacer sets.

Order your spectacle blind in any metal and at any size! Custom blinds typically ship in 24-48 hours.

Product Details

EZ Lock Blind Rack®

The EZ Lock Blind Rack is the ideal solution for storing your paddle & hydrotest blinds at power, refining, and chemical plants.

Save by ordering this blind rack delivered with up to 12,000 pounds of blinds.

Product Details

Blind Flanges

We offer a range of precision-engineered blind flanges with the best quality raw material available.

USA Industries can customize blind flanges to your design specifications, material needs and more.

Product Details

PSV Racks

Achieve quicker & easier loading and transportation of pressure safety valves on a standard PSV rack.

Store up to 14 units and save time & labor costs by purchasing pre-built racks.

Product Details

EZ Vent® Slip Blinds

USA Industries' EZ Vent technology allows users to block off pipe access while still allowing an outlet to vent off gas or pressure on the other side where there might not be a valve.

Product Details

EZ Purge® Slip Blinds

Don't damage your existing equipment due to over tightening slip blinds with spacers for purging applications!

Utilizing USA Industries' new EZ Purge Slip blinds you can create a safe purging area while preventing damage.

Product Details

EZ Vent-Purge™ Slip Blinds

Now you can combine the benefits of both the EZ Purge and EZ Vent Slip Blinds.

Ideal for end users that need to regularly purge lines and/or vent off dangerous gases / liquids.

Product Details

EZ Guillotine™ Slip Blinds

Blinds for isolation on the flare header side of a PSV prior to the removal of the PSV for repair.

Our guillotine blinds are available in a variety of materials, and ratings!

Product Details

Paddle Spacer / Blind Spacer Set

Now you can easily swap between closing off and opening a section of the pipe for maintenance.

Buy spacers and blinds in a set and save vs. purchasing each separately!

Product Details

Piping Isolation Charts

Our 'Dynamic Piping Isolation Charts' allows you the ability to filter down hydrotest blind and pipe plug products to your exact specs.

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USA Industries is driven by our need to service the customer faster and better than anyone else in the market. If saving days or even weeks in the process of getting the product you need is important, think USA Industries! Available 24/7 to actively fill your orders.

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