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Spectacle Blind Flange

The Largest Inventory of Spectacle Blinds in Any Size, Rating or Alloy

What is a Spectacle Blind?

Close Up of 300# Hydrotest Spec Blind Spectacle Blind Variety

Spectacle Blinds are a single piece of machined metal designed to eliminate the hassle of having seperate paddle blind and spacer sets. It's used to safely isolate a section of the line during maintenance, or when equipment needs shut down.

Product Features

Prevents blind / spacer loss
Prevents issues during maintenance due to pipe spreading
Line sizes up to 96"
Any thickness, rating or alloy available
Sizes and thicknesses meet ASME 16.48, ASME 16.5, ASME B16.47 specifications
All spec blinds are manufactured to your specs

Product Description

USA Industries' spectacle blinds are a single piece of machined metal designed to eliminate the hassle of having seperate paddle blind and spacer sets. When a section of your pipe needs to be isolated from the rest for maintenance, a spectacle blind or spec blind can make the process much easier!

For pipe flanges that are regularly seperated for isolation, maintenance or other reasons, a spectacle blind may be the ideal solution. Typically, spec blinds are mounted in the open position so that your pipe flow operates normally and is unubstructed. Blinds are mounted onto one of the bolts so that when you need to isolate a section of pipe, it's easy! Simply loosen the other bolts (partially removing them) and rotate the spectacle blind around. This simple manuever closes the pipe and prevents flow, while simultaneously visually identifying that the pipe is closed.

USA Industries' manufactures our own spectacle blinds in-house. This means we can make your blinds from 0.5" to 96", and from 150# to 2500# ASME rating. All blinds are stamped with line size and flange rating, and ground to provide smooth edges. We offer serrated (125 / 250 RMS typical) or mill finishes by default, as well as the option between flat face, raised face, octagonal, or RTJ flanges, and material options include Carbon Steel, 304 and 316 Stainless steel and more. All in-stock orders ship within 24 hours.

Need something custom? USA Industries can customize our all of our spectacle blinds to your exact specs. All blinds are manufactured under our strict quality-assurance program.

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Product Specs

Select flange rating to
see blind dimensions.

Line sizes up to 96" are available. Standard isolation thickness is 5/16" (+/- 1/16). Any thickness, rating or alloy is available upon request.

Sizes and thicknesses meet the following specifications:

ASME 16.48, ASME 16.5, ASME B16.47

Blank thicknesses over 24 NPS were calculated using the equation for blanks in ASME B31.3 as follows:

T=dāˆš ((3P)/(16SE))

d = I.D. of ring gasket (inches), T = Blank Thickness (inches), S = 23,300 psi, E = 1.00, P = Design Gauge Pressure psi.

S (Basic Allowable Stress) and E (Quality Factor) values were determined from tables A1 and A1-A from B31.3 for 516-Gr 70 material with the temperature range of -20 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This calculation does not take into consideration any required corrosion allowance if needed.

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