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USA Industries' Flange Weld Test Plug lets you to monitor conditions upstream of the seal, isolate and purge the weld area, and complete the weld and hydrotest to code requirements with one tool. The flange weld test plug, or FTP, has a high-lift seal that will expand. This key feature allows you to benefit from a greater seal-to-pipe clearance, making it easy to move past the weld and eliminate the need to grind out excess root penetration.

Designed for fast, easy installation, simply insert the plug into the pipe to be welded, bolt the flanges together and tighten the large compression nut(s) to expand the seal. The weld area is completely isolated so there is no need to fill the entire line or vessel. Because of this, the FTP virtually eliminates your hazardous waste disposal costs. A minimal amount of water is required to run a complete test - from a few cups to a few gallons, depending on the line size. Flange Weld Test Plugs reduce cost, downtime delays, and wastewater disposal associated with conventional flange testing. You can test without line blinds, vacuum trucks or dehydration services. With reduced NDE, water usage and environmental waste, this simple test plug saves you time and money every time you use it.


Pressure testing can be an extremely hazardous operation and safety precautions should be strictly adhered to. All connections, valves, flanges and other fittings should be checked for suitability to test pressure. Verify the line ID & Plug Range match. Most importantly - NEVER stand or pass in front of any test plug or other enclosure while test is in progress. If plug discharges during a test, serious injury or death could occur.


  • Line sizes 3/4" to 24" stocked
  • Flange ratings 150# - 2500#
  • Raised-Face (RF) or Ring-Type-Joint (RTJ) Availability
  • Faster pipe repairs and retrofits
  • Safe and easy installation and testing
  • Minimal water use, less handling and waste
  • Reduces testing, downtime, waste disposal costs
  • Easily accommodates different pipe schedules

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you have a restriction on the inside or outside of the pipe that you're testing we can make it shorter or longer. Just let us know what you need!

Yes, if you've already purchased a Flange Weld Test Plug from us and need replacement seals, we've got you covered. We have them in stock and ready to go for all common sizes.

No. These plugs are for isolation only.

The seal is made of urethane.

Yes, we can put venting into your Flange Weld Test Plug upon request.

Yes, this is completely customizable. Give us a call today and we'll help you customize your plug.