Foreman Single Bolt Low Pressure Isolation Pipe Plug

Lightweight, Rugged and Easy-to-Install Forman Low Pressure Pipe Plugs in Line Sizes 4" to 42" - Available for Sale or to Rent

The single-bolt Foreman Isolation Plug is designed to temporarily seal pipe ends during pipeline maintenance or construction. The use of Foreman Isolation Plugs, or Night Caps, help to prevent unwanted materials such as dirt, water, debris, etc. from entering the pipeline.

Because Foreman Isolation Plugs are made from rugged, lightweight cast aluminum, most sizes can easily be installed by one person. The plugs come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 4" to 48". This plug is not rated to hold back-pressure and should only be used for isolation; however, for situations involving back-pressure, we recommend using the Grip Type pipe plug.

The Foreman Isolation Plug is composed of two aluminum discs that are pressed together through the tightening of the central bolt. As the discs press together, the surrounding rubber gasket will expand, ensuring a tight fit around the inside diameter of the pipe. The plug also comes with a removable vent cap which can be used to release accumulated substances inside the pipe.


  • Lightweight & durable with neoprene seals and aluminum bodies
  • Available in line sizes 4" to 42"
  • Only one person required to install in most cases
  • Optional upstream venting capabilities
  • In stock sizes ship within 24 hours



Pressure testing can be an extremely hazardous operation and safety precautions should be strictly adhered to. All connections, valves, flanges and other fittings should be checked for suitability to test pressure. Verify the line ID and plug range match, and most importantly - NEVER stand or pass in front of any test plug or other enclosure while test is in progress. If a plug discharges during a test, serious injury or death may occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we will customize your plug(s) with vent-through capabilities upon request.

The seal is made with USA Industries' proprietary blend of neoprene.

No. Use the Foreman plug for isolation only.

The seals are stable up to 241 degress Celsius (465 degrees Fahrenheit)

The Foreman low-pressure isolation plug is constructed from rugged, yet lightweight, cast aluminum.

This low-pressure pipe plug is available in line sizes 4" to 48".