Safe & Reliable Mechanical Isolation and Testing Pipe Plugs

Engineered for pressure testing and/or isolation of open-end pipe, tubes, valves, pressure vessels and more!

By eliminating the need to weld on or cut off piping end caps, our large line of mechanical pipe plugs, or hydraulic caps and plugs, will allow you to perform hydrostatic pressure tests much easier and faster. If your project requires that you reach tight areas or go through pipe elbows, be sure to check out our highly popular inflatable pipe balloon plugs. Additionally, for low and no pressure isolation and testing projects, USA Industries' Heavy Duty Industrial Pipe Plug, or our Flange Weld Testing Plug may be ideal for your purposes.

For both high and low pressure applications, rent our ALL NEW, state of the art GRIPSAFE® ISOLATION & TEST PLUGS. GripSafe plugs are the safest and most innovative hydraulic pipe plugs on the market with Gritlock™ and Tri-Ply™ seal technologies!

GripSafe plugs come in three model configurations - DBB, ORB and IIB. Each model has been designed with advanced engineering technologies including our patented independent wedge gripping system with Gritlock™. Gritlock is a proprietary, non-contaminating wedge surface coating that delivers a superior surface grip over competitive gripping products.  Additionally, GripSafe plugs have been designed to use our patented Try-Ply™ seals that provide advanced sealing capabilities and increased durability over traditional urethane seals that other plugs come with.

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