Wing Nut Plumber's Type Isolation Pipe Plug

Plumber's Type Plugs are Ideal for use Isolating Pipes up to 24" - Available for Sale or to Rent

Do you need a quick and easy seal on your pipe, tube or round hole? USA Industries' Wing Nut Plumber's Type Isolation Plugs are just what you're looking for. These plugs use neoprene seals with die cast bodies, and are available in line sizes 2" through 24". This plug is rated to hold back pressure up to 13 PSIG and it is available with or without upstream venting capabilities.

Designed and developed to test for leaks and for sealing off sections of pipelines generally made of cast iron, steel, vitrified clay, concrete, etc., these wing nut plugs come with a vent tube for venting excess back-pressure. One person can easily install these plugs. Turning the wing nut expands the rubber ring tightly against the inside of the pipe. Hand-tightening is usually adequate in smaller sizes, but a wrench can be used on larger sizes to provide a better seal.


  • A low-pressure, ported test plug
  • Ideal to seal pipes, tubes & round holes
  • Available in line sizes up to 24"
  • In stock sizes ship within 24 hours



Pressure testing can be an extremely hazardous operation and safety precautions should be strictly adhered to. All connections, valves, flanges and other fittings should be checked for suitability to test pressure. Verify the line ID and plug range match, and most importantly - NEVER stand or pass in front of any test plug or other enclosure while test is in progress. If plug discharges during a test, serious injury or death may occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, these pipe plugs are made to size (e.g. 14" wing nut plug is for 14" to 15" I.D.).

Yes, we can make your plug with vent-through capabilities.

The seal on our wing nut pipe plugs is neoprene.

These are cast steel bodies.

We do not recommend the wing nut pipe plugs for use with more than a few pounds of back-pressure.

Plumbers frequently use these to plug off water and sewer lines while they are repairing them.

Some refineries allow their use, others do not. We supply these plugs, but if asked we will recommend our heavy duty industrial isolation plugs, as they are much more robust.

Yes! We carry a large rental fleet, but we're just as happy to sell them if you prefer.