Snap It® Sr. Engineered High Pressure Tube Plug

Snap It® Sr. Engineered Tube Plugs are the Fastest, Most Cost Effective, and Safest Way to Plug Tubes up to 7,000 PSID

USA Industries' Snap It® Sr. Engineered Tube Plug requires no welding and installs in up to 80% less time than traditional metal tapered tube plugs. The Snap It® Sr. plug does not damage the tube sheet, and is rated to hold pressures up to 7,000 PSID!

Save Time & Labor Costs

Since no welding is required, the plug installs in less than 60 seconds with a hydraulic ram, and creates a seal strong enough to hold up to 7,000 PSID. You will draw a direct line from saving time on installation to lowering your maintenance labor costs and reducing unit downtime.

Increased Safety

A blowout from your fin-fan® / air-cooled heat exchanger is extremely dangerous, and in a worst case scenario, will result in death. Snap It Sr. is verified to keep from blowing out at pressures that exceed 28,000 PSID. Also, since welding is not required to ensure a solid seal, the risk of a spark igniting dangerous chemicals or fumes is eradicated.

Extremely Cost-Effective

While Snap It tube plugs have a larger up-front cost, our customers save in reduced labor and shortened unit downtime, resulting in significant savings after just the first use. Most tube sheets need to be replaced after repeated plugging with traditional methods involving welding or over-driving tapered pins. The Snap It plug's unique installation process completely prevents damage to the tube sheets and tube sheet ligaments, which prevents costly maintenance downtime. We have also found that when used to plug tubular reactors, it significantly decreases reloading times due to the plug's design and ability to not hinder the catalyst loading systems!

Tooling for installation and removal is fully compatible with any system, and we can rent or sell equipment to you inexpensively. USA Industries is proud to guarantee a leak-free helium seal to 1 x 10-9 c/sec, providing peace of mind that this plug won't fail!

Note: Always puncture the tube before installing any plug to ensure that pressure cannot build up in the tube and cause the plugs to loosen or blow out. Never stand in front of any installed plug under pressure. Plugs ejected under pressure can cause serious bodily injury.

Snap It Plugs should always be installed within the rolled section of the tubesheet. If the tubes are not rolled into the tubesheet, consult USA Industries (1-800-456-8721) before proceeding. Remove scale and pitting with USA Industries’ Snap It Brushes prior to installation. Any weld droop should be removed prior to plug installation.


  • No tube sheet damage, no leaks, no worries!
  • Blowout pressures exceed 28,000 PSID
  • With NO welding required, expect up to 80% in labor cost savings
  • In-stock items ship within 24 hours


Ask For USA Industries' One Rev Internal Tube Cutter to Puncture Tubes Before Installation!

Snap It® Near &
Far End
Plugging Manual

Snap It® Custom Usage Application Form

Snap It Sr. Size to Pressure Ratings Chart

Tube ID Range Pressure Rating
0.400 - 0.600 = 7,000 PSID
0.620 - 0.740 = 4,000 PSID
0.760 - 1.000 = 2,000 PSID

Tube Plug Part #:
Plug Part # Tube ID Range Brush Kit Plug Rod Assembly Channel Head Pull Rod
(in) (mm)
SR-400-X 0.401" - 0.420" 10.16 - 10.68 SRA-400-LD* PRA-400 CHPRA-Z-I CHPRA-400-I
SR-420-X 0.421" - 0.440" 10.69 - 11.19 SRA-420-LD* PRA-420 CHPRA-420-I
SR-440-X 0.441" - 0.460" 11.20 - 11.70 SRA-440-LD* PRA-440 CHPRA-440-I
SR-460-X 0.461" - 0.480" 11.71 - 12.21 SRA-460-LD* PRA-460 CHPRA-460-I
SR-480-X 0.481" - 0.500" 12.22 - 12.72 SRA-480-LD* PRA-480 CHPRA-480-I
SR-500-X 0.501" - 0.520" 12.73 - 13.22 SRA-500-LD* PRA-500 CHPRA-500-I
SR-520-X 0.521" - 0.540" 13.23 - 13.73 SRA-520-LD* PRA-520 CHPRA-520-I
SR-540-X 0.541" - 0.560" 13.74 - 14.24 SRA-540-LD* PRA-540 CHPRA-540-I
SR-560-X 0.561" - 0.580" 14.25 - 14.75 SRA-560-LD* PRA-560 CHPRA-560-I
SR-580-X 0.581" - 0.600" 14.76 - 15.26 SRA-580-LD* PRA-580 CHPRA-580-I
SR-600-X 0.601" - 0.620" 15.27 - 15.76 SRA-600-LD* PRA-600 CHPRA-Z-II CHPRA-600-II
SR-620-X 0.621" - 0.640" 15.77 - 16.27 SRA-620-LD* PRA-620 CHPRA-620-II
SR-640-X 0.641" - 0.660" 16.28 - 16.78 SRA-640-LD* PRA-640 CHPRA-640-II
SR-660-X 0.661" - 0.680" 16.79 - 17.27 SRA-660-LD* PRA-660 CHPRA-660-II
SR-680-X 0.681" - 0.700" 17.28 - 17.79 SRA-680-LD* PRA-680 CHPRA-680-II
SR-700-X 0.701" - 0.720" 17.80 - 18.30 SRA-700-LD* PRA-700 CHPRA-700-II
SR-720-X 0.721" - 0.740" 18.31 - 18.81 SRA-720-LD* PRA-720 CHPRA-720-II
SR-740-X 0.741" - 0.760" 18.82 - 19.32 SRA-740-LD* PRA-740 CHPRA-740-II
SR-760-X 0.761" - 0.780" 19.33 - 19.83 SRA-760-LD* PRA-760 CHPRA-760-II
SR-780-X 0.781" - 0.800" 19.84 - 20.34 SRA-780-LD* PRA-780 CHPRA-780-II
SR-800-X 0.801" - 0.820" 20.35 - 20.84 SRA-800-LD* PRA-800 CHPRA-800-II
SR-820-X 0.821" - 0.840" 20.85 - 21.35 SRA-820-LD* PRA-820 CHPRA-820-II
SR-840-X 0.841" - 0.860" 21.36 - 21.86 SRA-840-LD* PRA-840 CHPRA-840-II
SR-860-X 0.861" - 0.880" 21.87 - 22.37 SRA-860-LD* PRA-860 CHPRA-860-II
SR-880-X 0.881" - 0.900" 22.38 - 22.87 SRA-880-LD* PRA-880 CHPRA-Z-III CHPRA-880-III
SR-900-X 0.901" - 0.920" 22.88 - 23.38 SRA-900-LD* PRA-900 CHPRA-900-III
SR-920-X 0.921" - 0.940" 23.39 - 23.87 SRA-920-LD* PRA-920 CHPRA-920-III
SR-940-X 0.941" - 0.960" 23.88 - 24.40 SRA-940-LD* PRA-940 CHPRA-940-III
SR-960-X 0.961" - 0.980" 24.41 - 24.89 SRA-960-LD* PRA-960 CHPRA-960-III
SR-980-X 0.981" - 1.000" 24.90 - 25.40 SRA-980-LD* PRA-980 CHPRA-980-III
SR-1000-X 1.001" - 1.020" 25.41 - 25.91 SRA-1000-LD* PRA-1000 CHPRA-1000-III
SR-1020-X 1.021" - 1.040" 25.92 - 26.42 SRA-1020-LD* PRA-1020 CHPRA-1020-III
SR-1040-X 1.041" - 1.060" 26.43 - 26.92 SRA-1040-LD* PRA-1040 CHPRA-1040-III
SR-1060-X 1.061" - 1.080" 26.93 - 27.43 SRA-1060-LD* PRA-1060 CHPRA-1060-III
SR-1080-X 1.081" - 1.100" 27.44 - 27.94 SRA-1080-LD* PRA-1080 CHPRA-1080-III
SR-1100-X 1.101" - 1.120" 27.95 - 28.45 SRA-1100-LD* PRA-1100 CHPRA-1100-III
SR-1120-X 1.121" - 1.140" 28.46 - 28.96 SRA-1120-LD* PRA-1120 CHPRA-1120-III
SR-1140-X 1.141" - 1.160" 28.97 - 29.46 SRA-1140-LD* PRA-1140 CHPRA-1140-III
SR-1160-X 1.161" - 1.180" 29.47 - 29.97 SRA-1160-LD* PRA-1160 CHPRA-1160-III
"X" - This is a placeholder for your material type. Please substitute the "X" with the following material codes when ordering:
(S) 316 SS (J) 70/30 CuNi (K) 90/10 CuNi (B) Brass (C) Carbon Steel (Y) Chrome/Moly (H) Hastelloy (I) Inconel (M) Monel (N) Nickel 200 (T) Titanium (Z) Zirconium
Any material available upon request!
Important Notes:
Tube preparation brushes are required for use with Snap It® Sr Plugs.
Standard Sr kit includes 10 plugs, 1 brush and 1 go/no go gauge. Upon request, plugs and items can be ordered invidually.
"*" - Brush and go/no go gauge furnisehd with every 10 plugs.
"*" - For brass, copper, or copper nickel tubes please add the suffix -LD to the brush kit.
"Z" - Channel head pull rod assemblies and extension assemblies are available in 2', 4' or 6' lengths.

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USA Industries, Inc. Snap It® Plug, Tools & Accessories Training Series

1 – Introducing USA Industries, Inc.’s Snap It® Plug Installation & Removal Tools Kit

2 – Assembling Tools Contained in USA Industries, Inc.’s Snap It® Plug Installation & Removal Kit

3 – Brushing & Piercing Heat Exchanger Tube Using USA Industries, Inc.’s Snap It® Tools

4 – Near End Installation of USA Industries, Inc.’s Snap It® Jr. Plug in Heat Exchanger

5 – Removal of USA Industries, Inc.’s Snap It® Jr. Plug from Tube

6 – Through-The-Tube or Far End Plugging of USA Industries, Inc.’s Snap It® Jr. Plug

Frequently Asked Questions

The Snap It Sr. tube plug is rated up to 7,000 lbs. of pressure, but with our independent testing, we've seen blowout pressures that exceed 28,000 PSID.

We will make your Snap It tube plug in any exotic or standard metal. The most commonly requested materials include: 70/30 CuNi, 90/10 CuNi, Brass, Carbon Steel, Chrome/Moly, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, Nickel 200, Stainless Steel (316 and 304), Titanium, Zirconium and more.

We sell our Snap It plugs in sleeves of 10. There is no maximum. We have the capabilities to produce 5,000 plugs daily, and have more than 500,000 tube plugs of all varieties in stock at all times. Even custom orders, can typically be manufactured and shipped extremely quickly!

These plugs don't require welding, completely removing the risk of a spark igniting dangerous fumes or chemicals.

We strongly suggest never standing in front of an installed tube plug, but Snap It tube plugs, with proper installation, have been independently verified to keep from blowing out at pressures exceeding 28,000 PSID.

Snap It Sr. has five points of contact and Snap It Jr has three. This means that Senior plugs have a much stronger seal (up to 7,000 PSID) and Junior plugs have more flexibility to expand to different size tubes.

Both Snap It Sr. and Snap It Jr. tube plugs require some tools for installation and removal. We strongly suggest using tube brushes to clean and prep your tubes, then installation is a breeze. Our hydraulic ram and pull rod assemblies provide consistent, controlled intallation, eliminating the hazards of tapered and welded plugs, as well as tube and tube sheet damage.

Once you've installed a few Snap Its, you'll find it takes less than 60 seconds to prep and install these tube plugs. Now you can skip welding, and save up to 80% in labor costs with a quick and consistent installation process!

Our Snap It Tube Plugs require ZERO proprietary pieces of equipment to install. Don't get locked into expensive equipment issues after your purchase. Call us and we can confirm your existing tools will work with ours. If not we offer short-term rental and purchase for installation tooling.

Yes, we sell directly to end-users, as well as other contractors and suppliers.

We design, engineer, manufacture, test, and package Snap It Plugs at our facility in South Houston, Texas, and we ship anywhere in the world. As the manufacturer, we are uniquely qualified to provide technical support, certification training, and customizations to meet your specific needs.

Our customers experience competitive pricing and short lead times by dealing directly with USA Industries.

No, Snap It Sr. Tube Plugs are used for "near end" applications only. Because the Snap It Sr plug is designed for higher pressure-holding capabilities, it is unable to expand more than .020". Due to the minimal expansion, this plug is not small enough to travel through the tube for proper installation within the far-side tube sheet.