Low Pressure Rubber Tapered Tube Plugs

Reusable Low-Pressure Rubber Tube Plugs for Isolation or Vacuum Testing Applications



  • One size fits multiple port sizes
  • Made of resilient neoprene and is reusable
  • Soft rubber material conforms to provide a tight seal
  • In-stock items ship within 24 hours


Low-pressure rubber tapered tube plugs offer a cost-effective alternative to more costly tube plugs for temporary or low-pressure applications. These plugs, made of neoprene, are typically used for low-pressure isolation or vacuum testing in combination with our Vacuum Leak Detector (VLD-2500).

Easy to install - remove with the tap of a rubber mallet or the pull of pliers; reusable with proper installation & care, and temperature resistent from -25°F to 180°F (-31°C to 82°C).

USA Industries is a leader in offering tube plug solutions to users in the oil & gas, chemical and power industries. We have more than 500,000 tube plugs in stock and ready to ship.


Frequently Asked Questions

These tube plugs are typically used for low-pressure applications, or vacuum testing as the plugs are easily installed, tested, removed and reused.

We carry plugs from 1/2" to 4" O.D. in stock. Please contact us if you need a plug in another size and we will be happy to help!

We stock more than 500,000 tube plugs across all varieties and sizes. In-stock products typically ship on the same day.

Yes, our rubber plugs are made of neoprene and completely reusable if taken care of and installed / removed properly.

Simply tap the plug into place with a small hammer or rubber mallet until firmly in place.

Rubber tube plugs are easily removed with a firm pull on the plug from a pair of pliers.