Snap It® Installation & Removal Tools

The Simplest, Safest and Easiest Way to Install Snap It Sr or Jr Tube Plugs

Product Features

Experienced users can install plugs in 60 seconds or less
Header boxes and channel heads don't need to be removed
Eliminate problems from hammer-driven or welded plugs
Available for rental or purchase, depending on your need

Product Description

USA Industries' Snap It tube plugs are quickly and easily installed with our installation and removal tools. We offer a variety of tools in multiple sizes that are available to buy or rent, with the goal of saving you time and simplifying the installation process.

Do you already have comparable tools? Our Snap It tube plugs are designed to work with your existing hydraulic rams, assemblies and extenders, saving you time and money!

With USA Industries' Snap It installation and removal tools, the process of plugging your heat exchangers, boilers and condensers couldn't be easier! Now you can remove or eliminate problems caused by welded or hammer-driven tube plugs, such as: safety risks, inconsistent installation, unpredictable pressure-holding capacity, damage to tube sheets, holes and tubes, as well as time-consuming and expensive welding costs!

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Tube Prep
Installation Tools
Removal Tools
Tube Preparation Tools

Tube Preparation Tools

Tube brushes are ideal for properly prepping your heat exchanger tubes for a tube plug. The brushes remove pitting and corrosion from inside the tube, allowing optimum sealing and holding forces for your Snap It tube plug. Because Snap It Jr has a range of tube sizes that it can effectively seal, brush kits come with 3-4 brushes per kit. Use the smallest brush in your brush kit that effectively cleans and preps the tube. Snap It Sr brushes are provided for the exact tube size ordered, ensuring a perfect fit. This step is absolutely crucial to ensuring you have the optimal seal with your tube plugs.

Installation Tools

Installation Tools

The hydraulic ram is the simplest, safest, quickest and easiest way to install Snap It Sr or Snap It Jr tube plugs. This installation kit is compact and lightweight (the ram only weighs 7 lbs) yet it has plenty of power to easily install all of our tube plugs. The pump is air driven and requires 80 to 120 lbs of supply air @ 20CFM during the few seconds it is operated and comes in a durable storage case on wheels. When you order the complete kit - it comes with everything needed for installing Snap It Jr or Sr Plugs for near end applications.

Through the tube plugging, for far end applications, is performed with the same tool by adding the appropriate number of extension assemblies with a channel head pull rod assembly (CHPRA) and following the "through the tube" instructions. Order this complete kit if you want to go into your next turnaround with complete peace of mind!

Pull Rod Assembly - Used with the Hydraulic RAM, this assembly installs the plug in place. Our assemblies are fully interchangeable with competitors' systems and have been designed to minimize your costs by utilizing multiple plug positioners with each pull rod size.

View Plug Sizing Chart: Snap It Jr | Snap It Sr

Channel Head Pull Rod Assemblies & Extension Sets - Used to operate the system and easily install plugs where channel heads are present. These are also used in conjunction with the extension sets for through the tube plugging.

View Plug Sizing Chart: Snap It Jr | Snap It Sr

Removal Tools

Plug Removal Tool

Plug Removal Tool - Designed to easily and quickly remove installed tube plugs. The plug removal tool removes both the pin and ring in seconds without damage to the tube or tube sheet it was installed in. Simply screw the spear stud into the installed pin, dislodge the pin with the slide hammer, screw the spear into the ring, then use the slide hammer to pull out all the pieces. If required, a new plug can then be reinstalled in the same place!

NOTE: Contact USA Industries for sizing details and questions.

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