Bleeder Cleaners / Rod Out Tools

Safely and Efficiently Clean Clogged Bleed, Drain, Vent & Instrument Tap Valves

Rod out tools or bleeder cleaners (aka orifice cleaner or tap reamer) allow clogged bleed, drain, vent and instrument tap valves to be cleaned during normal operations safely and efficiently while completely containing the product. Properly using our tool eliminates the possibility of dangerous product releases, which can result in your personnel and others being exposed to unsafe and hazardous conditions. Our rod out tools are rated up to 1000° F and 1,000 PSIG and are available in four model types.

Parts for these new generation rod out tools / bleeder cleaner can be replaced in the field, ending the need for factory maintenance. These tools prevent personnel exposure, vapor releases, explosions and fires when bleeder valves, vents, drains and instrument taps must be cleared during normal operating conditions.

Simple to use:

Screw the end connector onto the item needing cleaning, close the bleed valve, open the process valve, insert the shaft while rotating the handle. After the line has been cleared fully, back out the shaft, close the process valve, open the bleed valve and disconnect the tool... You now have a safely cleaned line!

Available in:

Straight Rod Out, Flexible Rod Out, 90 Degree Angle Rod Out, and 135 Degree Angle Rod Out.

All components supplied conform to ANSI, ASME, ASTM Standards for Dimensions. Manufactured under our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Program.

Bleeder Cleaner Line Sheet

Bleeder Cleaner
Operating Manual


  • Available in 4 Configurations - 90º, 135º, straight or flex shaft
  • With proper care, Everlast drill bits are indestructible
  • Our tool, used correctly, eliminates dangerous product releases
  • Rod Out Tools are rated up to 1000° F and 1,000 PSIG
  • In-stock items ship within 24 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, bi-directional cables can be provided upon request.

Yes, you can always send us your tools for inspection. We can then evaluate it and repair it as necessary.

Easy, just turn the rodout handle to the right continuously to safely and efficiently clean clogged bleed, drain, vent & instrument tap valves.

No, the bits are soldered in place permanently.

The Twist drill bit and Everlast drill bit are available from USA Industries.

No, the handle should only be turned by hand. Using an impact may damage your bleeder cleaner or tap.