Orifice Plates, RTJ Plates & Restriction Orifice Unions
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Orifice Plates
for Flow Measurement

USA Industries is your orifice plate manufacturer. We manufacture our flow measurement universal orifice plates, paddle plates, ring type joint (RTJ) plates and restriction orifice unions to meet or exceed standards set by A.G.A., I.S.A., A.N.S.I., A.S.M.E. and A.P.I. recommendations. Stocked plates include 304 & 316 Stainless Steel in 1/8" and 1/4" thicknesses. Other material and/or thicknesses are available upon request.

While typically we bore the plates to the customer's supplied sizing calculation, we can provide sizing calculation services to you for an additional fee.

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Orifice Plates, RTJ Plates & Restriction Orifice Unions

Series 500 Universal Orifice Plates & Seals

USA Industries' Universal Orifice Plates, also commonly called differential pressure orifice plates, are designed to be used with all standard orifice fitting assemblies or ring type joint plate holders.

Commonly used for flow measurement due to their simplicity, reliable performance, and ease of installation.

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Series 520 Paddle Orifice Plates

USA Industries' Paddle-Type Plates are manufactured for use with Raised Face Orifice Flanges and Holding Blocks.

Our paddle-type orifice plates conform to the most stringent manufacturing processes to achieve optimum accuracy standards in the industry. Our engineering staff can run your bore calculations quickly and accurately.

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Ring Type Joint (RTJ) Plates

The RTJ type orifice plate incorporates an integral gasket, either oval or octagonal ring, for mounting between Ring Type Joint Flanges. Ring Type Joint Plates are based on proven technology, have no moving parts and are suitable for high temperature and pressure applications.

Available in series 560 (one-piece) or 590 (two-piece).

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Restriction Orifice Unions

Restriction Orifice Unions consist of orifice plates that are one-piece stainless steel, shaped to fit the contour of the union seat (ball to cone), eliminating the need for gaskets.

Plates can be configured to work as recessed, pressed, or pressed with tab so you can identify the orifice size without breaking the union.

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USA Industries is driven by our need to service the customer faster and better than anyone else in the market. If saving days or even weeks in the process of getting the product you need is important, think USA Industries! Available 24/7 to actively fill your orders.

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